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"Where Vocal Health meets Raw Talent."

- Queade Norah 

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Queade Norah 


Voice Training/Teaching Experience:

Associate Teacher

(Willson Vocal Academy)


Member of Greater Philadelphia NATS 

Actor's Equity Association

M.A Global Entertainment and Music Business 

Valencia, Spain

B.M Business Business and Management - Marketing 

Boston, Massachusetts

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Hello Everyone :) 

Welcome to The Vocal Legacy!

My name is Queade Norah and I am a Philadelphia born, New Jersey raised performer with a passion for teaching voice lessons.


My journey into the Vocal Pedagogy world started while I was a student at

Merion Mercy Academy in Merion Station, PA.


It was through my own voice lesson experiences that inspired me to explore teaching. Lisa Willson DeNolfo, owner of Willson Vocal Academy, has been instrumental in my journey as a performer and teacher.  


After high school, I moved to Boston, MA to study Music Business at Berklee College of Music.


The logic behind my choice of degree was that every performance opportunity will involve money and contractual terms that will affect my career in entertainment.


So, to avoid signing my life away, I decided to learn about contract terminology to protect myself as an artist. Throughout my college years, I continued to teach and perform. 

You can check out a few of those performances on Youtube :) 



My love for music business and traveling propelled me to continue my studies in Valencia, Spain to attain my Master’s in Global Entertainment and Music Business.


This particular experience of studying abroad offered me a chance to identify my purpose in life; which includes Performance, Education, and Business.


Discovering my purpose allowed me to focus on developing a career from my passion.


Today, I am proud and ready to share my knowledge of vocal science, music business, and live performance with voice students near and far.


It is an honor to witness the journey of a student and I look forward to one day working with YOU! 

Studio Rates & Policies

Studio Rates & Policies  


Voice Lessons

60 minutes - $85 

45 minutes - $60 

30 minutes - $45


Public Speaking Coaching

60 minutes - $85 

45 minutes - $60 

30 minutes - $45 



* contact for rates *


During the lesson, Queade will conduct an assessment of each student’s current vocal baseline in regards to their breathing, physical alignment, resonance, pitch accuracy, range, stage presence, and vocal style. 


From the information gathered during the assessment, Queade will formulate a plan that will help bridge the gap between from their current state to their vocal potential. 

If a student ever displays signs of any vocal injury, Queade will refer you to professionals who are better equipped to assist in vocal rehabilitation. 


Weekly Lesson Overview 

All students will spend the first 15 to 20 minutes demonstrating vocal warm up exercises (except 30 minute lessons).  Regardless of vocal level, students will use the remaining time to work on repertoire expansion, basic music theory, vocal health/technique, performance skills, and more. 

Students should come prepared to sing through 2 songs (auditions cut  or full songs). Queade will assess current state of student and develop lesson plans that encourage achieving long term vocal potential. 

Students are highly encouraged to work on AUDITION MATERIALS for professional opportunities such as competitions, film projects, theatre productions, commercials and more. 


Weekly Teaching Hours 

To provide flexibility, Queade schedule lessons as far as two months in advance. Lesson Availability MONDAY - SATURDAY.

The studio is CLOSED on most major holidays. 


Student Attendance Policy 

Student is responsible for showing up to lessons on time. Please notify Queade if anything last minute arises. 

Zoom information remains the same throughout semester and will be given  once student confirms lesson time. Please save info and refer to it for lessons.  

If student is sick the morning of school, please contact me immediately so that I am able to fill their spot. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! 

Payments / Cancellations 

Lessons are honored once PAID.

To Book Lesson, Send email to 

You will receive invoices from The Vocal Legacy, where you will have access to  seeing payment history. 

When cancelling or rescheduling, please contact Queade directly via EMAIL or TEXT. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will not be refunded. 


Lessons rescheduled will not be subject to cancellation fees.  


The Legacy Method 

Why did you choose the name The Vocal Legacy?

One Day while brainstorming a few name ideas, I had an epiphany while listening to Beyonce's song called Bigger. The first line of the song struck me deeply because I heard the melody of my mission. She sang exactly what I intend to achieve through my career. In just 3 words, I found a direct and simple way to explain my purpose. 


According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, the word “LEGACY” is a noun defined as something received from an ancestor or predecessor. My love for music is genetic. My passion to teach is genetic. My ability  to sing and perform is genetic. 


As these gifts were planted in me at birth, I am determined to create a community of artists who will discover their gifts and extend their legacy, too. The Vocal Legacy is more than MY vocal program.

The Vocal Legacy lives within every student who includes me in their vocal journey.


Whether speaking or singing, our voices hold a significant amount of power to impact others. We assist to provide the tools to build confidence in your voice while learning the scientific anatomy, too! 










What is The Vocal Legacy? 


THE VOCAL LEGACY is a vocal training program that educates singers on vocal health/technique and instills confidence by encouraging students to express their most authentic message through music. 


As each student explores their musical strengths, they will sing with intent and creative empowerment. 


The Legacy lies in continuing the tradition of knowing what you want to say and learning how to do it without compromising your instrument!

The Legacy Method
Queade Dweh-First Place, Musical Theatre Pre Professional

Queade Dweh-First Place, Musical Theatre Pre Professional

Play Video

Classical Singer Competition - 1st Place Winner 

(Pre Professional Musical Theatre) 

Career Accolades: 

  • Greater Philadelphia NATS 1st Place - Musical Theatre 

  • Stephen Costello Greatest Potential Award Winner 

  • Berklee Valencia Commencement Performer 

  • Broadway Con 2018 Finalist 

  • Nelly Berman Musical Theatre Platinum Winner Soloist & Duet Gold Winner 

Visit QueadeNorah.Com to view  Performance Credits & Media 

Professional Media
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